Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Description Picure

Mother wants to wash dirty clothes. First step she is taking out the clothes of basket.Then she brings the dirty clothes to washing machine.After tha,t mother opens the washing machine door.And insert the clothes to washing machine.Then Mother washes the clothes step by step :
1. After clothes in washing machine,and fill water sufficient then press start button
2. Then setting time to washing
3. If the machine has stopped working,Setting to rinsing and draining
4. If the step above all to do,Taking the clothes to bucket.
5. Finally dry the clothing in above of the sun

Name of member :
1. Ari Eko Susilo
2. Danny Dwi Irwanto
3. Imam Ibnu Syaibah
4. M. Aladzi Akbar
5. M Zainul Ichsan
6. Rafi Nasrullah
7. Riski Prayoga
8. Yesi Widyarto

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